Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TORONTO AFTER DARK: 4 Films You Need To Get Tickets For Immediately

We at Horror in the Hammer love the Toronto After Dark Film Festival! We're clearly not the only ones. The 2015 installment of Toronto's biggest genre film festival kicks off tomorrow with six screenings already completely sold out in advance!

But fear not! Toronto After Dark still has plenty of exciting screenings that you -- yes YOU -- can still get tickets for if you act fast. Based on trailers and word of mouth alone, we present our picks for the


1.) THE HALLOW (Oct 17)

The opening night gala screening of this creepy-as-hell-looking film about a young family from the city terrorized by mythical creatures lurking in the forests of the Irish woodlands did sell out, but a second midnight screening on Saturday, October 17th has opened up. Tickets will not last long. The Hallow looks downright terrifying.

2.) DEATHGASM (Oct 23)

Another sold out film getting a second screening, Deathgasm is horror gore comedy meets metal music in a New Zealand fusion that's bound to have audiences cheering. A group of metalhead outcasts unwittingly unleash a horde of vicious demons upon their sleepy suburban neighbourhood. Now they’ll have to engage in an epic duel of blood and metal with Satan’s hordes if they’re to win back their town. Throw up the horns for Deathgasm and get your tickets for this encore screening before they're snatched up.


Not yet sold out, but if the praise Canadian revenge flick The Demolisher is getting out of other film fests is any indication, it soon will be. Ryan Barrett plays a vigilantee who dons body armour to dish out brutal street justice. Not only is The Demolisher Canadian, but it's produced by longtime TAD programmer Christian Burgess. The Demolisher is definitely going to sell out.


Creepy mansions, rural horror, and assisted suicide mark this bizarre-looking film from director Jesse Cook (MONSTER BRAWL) and "bat-shit" writer Tony Burgess (PONTYPOOL). Based on the talent involved and this very stylish trailer, I have a feeling that The Hexecutioners is going to surprise a lot of people. Get in on this one!

The 10th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs October 15-23 at the Scotia Bank Theatre. Order your tickets before it's too late at TORONTOAFTERDARK.COM

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