Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HEIR (Review)

HEIR (2015)


Directed by Richard Powell
Written by Richard Powell

Starring  Bill Oberst Jr.Robert NolanJane Pokou

Ladies and gentlemen, those maniacs at Fatal Pictures have done it again. The folks that brought you the classic horror shorts Familiar and Worm are back with their final short film: HEIR

Writer/director Richard Powell's newest nightmare of nastiness stars Fatal Pictures staple Robert Nolan, along with genre film vet Bill Oberst Jr. (Papa Corn from Circus Of The Dead). Fatal Pictures has once again enlisted the special FX wizardry of The Butcher Shop (Carlos Henriques and Ryan Louagie), who have repeatedly proven to be Canada's premiere peddlers of the perverse. Writing, acting, and FX come together to assault the senses with rabid ferocity, leaving the viewer's grey matter ravaged.

I have watched this film three times over the last twenty four hours, and it still remains stuck in my head, like staple stitches holding a gaping wound closed. This short is visceral filmmaking at its finest. HEIR is a monster movie that boils over with tension, knotting up the stomachs of those bold enough to bear witness. If HEIR doesn't elicit an honest to god physical reaction upon viewing, you need to check yourself for a pulse. Powell's beautifully brutal brand of horror is reminiscent of a young David Cronenberg on steroids, commanding attention and respect. What more do you need to know?

If given the chance to see HEIR, run and jump at that chance! Just like Familiar and Worm before it, HEIR is destined to be remembered as a Canadian indie horror classic, thus bringing the 'box cutter trilogy' to a close. In this writer's humble opinion, a feature length film from the Fatal Pictures gang cannot come quick enough. So here's to hoping that someone with deep pockets smartens up and gives these fine upstanding individuals enough cash to make their magnum opus.

Screw it, I'm going to the store for a lottery ticket.

HEIR will be making its World Premiere in Montreal at the Fantasia International Film Festival: July 14th – August 4th, 2015

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