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This weekend is the annual SHOCK STOCK horror/exploitation convention, Apr 24-26 in London, ON. Celebrating its 5th year, SHOCK STOCK is the premier destination for fans who like their horror greasy and creasy. 

We at Horror in the Hammer have been attending Shock Stock since it debuted in 2011, and we have yet to find a crazier or more fan-friendly convention than Shock Stock. Part party and part carnival, SHOCK STOCK is the reel-deal weekend experience packed with vendors, screenings, and of course, awesome horror/exploitation movie guests.With SHOCK STOCK V just around the corner, we got to thinking about previous years and all the great people we've met, wonderful friends we've made, and legally-suspect shenanigans we've had. With that in mind, we've come up with a list of our


1.) Ilsa: She Wolf of Shock Stock (2011)

Shock Stock's first year in 2011 was a ground-breaking experience. New on the scene, Shock Stock didn't command the fan-following it has now, but you knew that organizers James Bialkowski and Jake Grimbro were on to something special. The big "get" of that year was  Dyanne Thorne aka. Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS. Star of the 1975 Nazi-sexploitation film and numerous other morality shockers, Thorne was nothing like the sadistic fascist-fetishistic character she portrays. She and husband Howard Maurer were nothing but kind, welcoming, and genuine people with an honest love for their fans. To cap off their appearance, Thorne and Maurer held a charity auction for fans to bid on rare and one-of-a-kind memorabilia including shooting scripts and props and posters from their films. Truly a moment we will never forget.

2.) Sprocket Damage with a side of Brain Damage (2014)

Last year's Shock Stock party went out of control on the Saturday of that weekend when the band Sprocket Damage took the stage at London's Call the Office. Sprocket Damage, a "five piece head bangin, string snappin, pressure applyin' musical tour de force," consists of Shock Stock organizers and friends who shred strings and melt faces with fist-pumping renditions of horror and exploitation tunes. And talk about sacrificing yourself for your art! That blotch of red you see there is front man Jake Grimbro's very own blood -- the same precious red fluid he leaked all the way back to the 1209 hotel party. Sprocket Damage returns to Shock Stock to play this Saturday's show at Call the Office. Anything could happen. Sprocket Damage is THE REAL.

3.) Choke on Captain Rhodes' Voice Mail (2012)

Shock Stock 2012 was a wild time! As by-law officers patrolled the convention floor at Centennial Hall fearing that organizers might try to skirt regulations with a nude performance by adult star Joanna Angel, there was an electricity in the air. A major conductor of that current was wild actor Joe Pilato, better known as Captain Rhodes in George A. Romero's Day of the Dead. We approached Pilato to get a signature for one of our crew who couldn't make it because he was stuck at work, and when Pilato found out about that he demanded that we call our buddy on the phone. When the call went to voice mail, Pilato took the phone and proceeded to ream out our buddy as Captain Rhodes!!!! Imagine checking your messages and finding out Captain Rhodes left you a personal voice mail calling you a lazy puss bucket. What a memory!

4.) Chin to Chin with Robert Z'Dar (2014)

At the end of March this year, we sadly lost cult actor Robert Z'Dar. Best known for playing the titular baddie in the Maniac Cop series, Z'Dar had roles in big Hollywood films like Tango & Cash as well as fan-beloved low budget films like Samurai Cop, Beastmaster 2, Frogtown 2, and many more. Z'Dar was a featured guest at Shock Stock in 2014, and although his health was not what it once was, the force of his personality and charm had lost none of its power. We had the real honour of sitting down to interview Z'Dar, and boy did he have stories to tell. With a gift for gab as mighty as his chin, Z'Dar wasthe  stuff of movie legends and a genuine, down-to-earth human being. We will never forget "dropping Z'Dars." RIP.

5.) GOBLIN LIVE!!! (2012)

What could possibly top seeing GOBLIN -- the band responsible for so many iconic Argento and other horror film soundtracks -- live and in person? Shock Stock 2012 blew our collective minds with a live and intimate night of morbid music as Claudio Simonetti and Maurizio Guarini joined forces with bassist Chris Gartner and drummer Great Bob Scott to become GOBLIN. One word: chills. Fangs of GOBLIN should check out Maurizio Guarini's booth and new album at Shock Stock 2015 this weekend.

For the unpredictable, the unbelievable, and the unforgettable, SHOCK STOCK is the place to be. Order your tickets now for the mother of all Canadian horror/exploitation weekends. SHOCK STOCK, baby!

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