Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival - 2014

Want to find the best in Canadian horror? Look no further than the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival, which returns for another phenomenal year of blood and guts at the Carlton Cinemas November 28th - 30th.

Tickets have been selling out exceptionally fast, but with a premiere-studded lineup this sensational, how could it not? Advance tickets and festival passes are still available at bloodinthesnow.ca. Grab them before they're gone for good!

November 28th

7:00 pm: Berkshire County w. Serpent’s Lullaby

Damned Selfie
The Makeover
Massacre at Femur Creek
Greater Than
Malleus Maleficarum

9:45 pm: Berkshire County w. Serpent’s Lullaby just added!
11:45 pm: opening night party

November 29th

4:00 pm: Queen of Blood w. The Table
7:00 pm: Ejecta w. Uncommon Enemies 
7:15 pm: BITS SHORT FILM SHOWCASE just added!
9:30 pm: Bloody Knuckles w. O Come All Ye Zombies
11:59 pm: Teddy Bomb w. No Pets Allowed

November 30th

1:45 pm: BITS Seminar: Surviving the festival and distribution world
2:00 pm: Heinous Acts w. Trick or Treat
4:00 pm: Kingdom Come w. Domestic Blood
4:15 pm: Black Mountain Side w. The Resurrections of Clarence Neveldine just added!
6:45 pm: Black Mountain Side w. The Resurrections of Clarence Neveldine
7:00 pm: Kingdom Come w. Domestic Blood just added!
9:30 pm – closing night party and awards

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