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Directed and written by Brian Williams

Starring Ellie Church, Debbie Rochon, Charlie Moon, Jason Hignite

Time To Kill, the debut feature from writer/director Brian Williams, may have been shot a shoestring budget, but it sure doesn't skimp on the booze, boobs, or blood.

The film stars his lovely wife, Ellie Church, along with a supporting cast of friends that were willing to help Williams with this lurid labour of love. Ellie Church is Sara, a former drug addict and stripper who somehow overcame her past and ended up living in the suburbs. After a doctor's appointment where she hears that she has only 24 hours to live, she runs directly into the past that she has fought to leave behind. Runs into her past with a bloody vengeance! Her motivation for this is revealed by the end of the film, and I'm not going to ruin it for you by giving it away here. Sara straps on a spiked bra, double-fists a pair of machetes, and embarks on bloody path of destruction. Along the way, Sara picks up the gorgeous, timid Lailah (played by the couple's friend Charlie Moon in her first on screen performance) when she sees her being abused by some dirty, fat bastard on the side of the highway. After some killing, and a very gratifying lesbian bubble bath in a wash basin, they head to Sara's old stomping ground: a run down shithole of a strip club (built by Williams in his garage, which is still intact and operational) to face the film's villain, played diabolically by Jason Hignite. After buying her new friend a dance, and catching up with one of her old coworkers, we reach the climax of the film. All I'm going to say about this is that there's no shortage of blood and gore.

Time to Kill screened at both Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland, and Shock Stock in London, Ontario, to packed rooms of rowdy drunks. I was lucky enough to be at both screenings and I can honestly say it was the most fun I've had at a movie in a long time. Shot in a faux grindhouse style, complete with a hilarious intermission, Time to Kill is a throwback to the nudie cutie exploitation films of the 60s and 70s. I know what you're thinking. Not another wannabe grindhouse flick! I would usually agree with you, but Williams makes it work, big time! Filled with violence and a ton of tits and ass, even your buddies with ADHD will be glued to their seats for this one. For you movie lovers like me, the film also has a pretty cool little story as well, and unlike a lot of the original grindhouse films, it's plot isn't spoon-fed to you.

 Shot on a shoestring budget, time to Kill is packed with booze, boobs, blood, and Beelzebub. Between the strong performance by Ellie Church, the fantastic score (also by jack of all trades, Brian Williams) which is filled with some of the coolest songs I've heard, and it's funny as fuck intermission sequence, Time to Kill is a lot stronger than most of the indie films being made today. The word of mouth buzz on the internet already has cinephiles foaming at the mouth. Luckily, Time to Kill can be part of you own home library. The DVD is on sale now at

I cannot recommend this film enough. Packed tightly into approx. 70 minutes, Time to Kill is a modern grindhouse mini-masterpiece. So why don't you kill some time with Time to Kill!

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