Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BAD MILO on DVD and Bluray Today!

Hitting DVD and Blu-ray today, BAD MILO! stars Ken Marino as a man with a bizarre curse. 

Whenever he becomes too upset, a murderous demon is released from his butt that kills whoever is stressing him out. Now he must manage the stress in his life while also trying to control the vicious (but kind of cute) demon within.

Fans of improv comedy and awkward humour are definitely going to want to grab Bad Milo! on DVD or Blu-ray to take advantage of these great special features:
  • COMMENTARY: Director Jacob Vaughn and writer Benjamin Hayes sit down with stars Ken Marino and Gillian Jacobs (Community) to spread the cheeks of the film and reach deep into the making of Bad Milo! You'll learn more about how they brought this outlandish premise to life and hear about the scenes too shocking and politically incorrect to make it on screen. The director also talks about the influence of David Cronenberg and 80s movies like Night of the Comet on the themes and aesthetic of Bad Milo! Plus, Marino and Jacobs are just plain hilarious to listen to.
  • EXTENDED DINNER SCENE: The infamous and hilariously awkward family dinner scene starring Kumail Nanjiani is presented in its full glory! Watch the sexual innuendos fly as Ken Marino is grilled by his mother and her new (much younger) husband while a fertility doctor takes jabs at his manhood (figuratively and almost literally). Talk about TMI!
  • BEHIND MILO: THE PUPPETEERS! & BEHIND MILO: RAW TAKE: See how the puppeteers and actors brought Milo the demon to life using practical effects with just a hint of CGI for polish.
  • EXTENDED OUTTAKES: See funny but ultimately cut extended scenes that add both more laughs and layers to the characters.
All this plus an Interview with Ken Marino and the AXS TV: A Look at Bad Milo! featurette are packed onto this DVD and Blu-ray available in Canada from Video Services Corp.


For fans of supplemental material, these special features definitely make Bad Milo! worth picking up on DVD or Blu-ray. Check it out!

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