Tuesday, December 3, 2013

THANATOMORPHOSE (Review) - Blood in the Snow 2013

*Toronto Premiere*

review by AARON ALLEN

Directed and written by Éric Falardeau

Starring Kayden Rose, Davyd Tousignant, and Émile Beaudry

Talk about falling apart! Thanatomorphose is a daring new Canadian body horror film that offers a lot of ideas to chew on if you can stop yourself from losing your lunch.

Messy metaphors aside, Thanatomorphose documents the existential and visceral disintegration of an alienated young woman (Kayden Rose) who wakes up one morning to find herself inexplicably rotting. Amazing special effects by David Scherer and Rémy Couture transform a beautiful woman into a walking, oozing, dripping living corpse who literally disintegrates before our very eyes. However, a bare-bones script and a penchant to indulge in experimental arthouse dream sequences threaten to side-track Thanatomorphose’s subtext concerning female sexuality, spiritual disintegration, and depression. Sadly, it combines the experimental transgression of Nekromantik with the over-the-top premise of The Incredible Melting Man without the innovation of the former or the camp of the latter.

Like a car accident, it’s hard to look away from Thanatomorphose’s gory parade of fluids and purification, but for all its claustrophobia and gross-out moments, Thanatomorphose has no other real story to tell. With little dialogue or other character interaction, Thanatomorphose is about as exciting as watching a real corpse decay on your kitchen floor. A deeply flawed film and often fatiguing to sit through, Thanatomorphose is nevertheless a promising technical and visual debut by Montreal filmmaker Éric Falardeau.

Thanatomorphose is recommended only for arthouse film fans with strong stomachs.


  1. This movie is amazing. How is is deeply flawed? It's a movie about a woman whose body starts to decay. There's no other way to tell such story. She's unhappy with her life, her boyfriend is abusive. As many horror films, it's core mystery is left unsolved. She managed to get revenge on her boyfriend, that's as much resolution as you can get. Also, she regains the will to return to her art as a desperate attemp in her final moments. There are the four core disgusting fluids: semen, piss, shit and vomit. Her ass is a sight for the screen. I think this movie is 9.5/10. Not a perfect 10 just for the annoying psychedelic segments and that scene with the guys in a cage, I did not understand that one.

    1. I'm glad you like it, Samus88, and that it's now on DVD in Canada from VSC. I think, however, there were ways to better tell this story in a more engaging and interesting manner. THANATOMORPHOSE needed to be either shorter or include more character interaction to make it palatable for this reviewer. - Aaron