Monday, November 25, 2013

Painting the Great White North Red: The Blood in the Snow Film Festival (Nov 29-Dec 01)

When the snow begins to fall, the blood is never far behind. That's right, the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is back! 

Blood in the Snow is an amazing film festival that highlights the best in the contemporary horror genre across Canada. After enjoying tremendous success with their inaugural festival last year, BITS is back to with another showcase of Canuck genre talent. On November 29th at the Carlton Cinemas in Toronto, BITS kicks off a three-day program of feature-length and short horror films, all of which are made right here in our home and native land.

But what's on the chopping block for BITS 2013? Let's take a peek at this year's official feature-length film selection:


7:00pm –EVANGELINE (dir. Karen Lam) || North American Premiere ||

Evangeline is a revenge fantasy about a young woman who is brutally killed by a group of sociopathic college frat boys, and comes back from the dead to seek vengeance. Beaten and dumped in the woods to die, Evangeline Pullman (Kat de Lieva) finds herself trapped in a supernatural nightmare, where she must choose between vengeance and redemption.

REASON TO SEE: Ladies are doing it for themselves. If you love revenge movies, the films of Karen Lam never fail to keep audiences to the edge of their seats before delivering some fantastic feminine justice!     

9:30pm –THANATOMORPHOSE (dir. Éric Falardeau) || Toronto Premiere ||

Thanatomorphose is a strange and claustrophobic tale of sexuality, horror and body fluids that begins with one shockingly simple premise: one day, a young and beautiful girl awakes and finds her flesh rotting.....

REASON TO SEE: Seeing as how "Thanatomorphose" is a French word that means the visible signs of an organism’s decomposition caused by death, Thanatamorphose contains some of the most visceral visual depictions of viscus, gore, blood, and bodily disintegration that you may ever see.


4:00pm  – THE GHOSTKEEPERS (dir. Anthony Mann) || Toronto Premiere ||

The cast of a horror movie reunites to celebrate their success and get more than they bargained for in Marlowe House. Can they survive a horrifying night of Ghosts, Demonic Possessions, Murder and REVENGE?

REASON TO SEE: Director Anthony D.P. Mann is a shining example of the indie film-making spirit in Canada. Mann is also the co-host of Horror Etc. podcast: this guy knows horror!

9:30pm – CLEAN BREAK (dir. Tricia Lee)  || Canadian Premiere || 

A psycho girlfriend, Tracy, moves in with her boyfriend Scott and his two roommates, Cam and Dan, only to start targeting them when they get in the way of her plans for the perfect relationship.

REASON TO SEE: Director Tricia Lee and writer Corey Brown are definitely one of Canada's rising director-writer teams to keep your eyes on. Their other film SILENT RETREAT (review) won the award for Best Canadian Feature Film at Toronto After Dark 2013.

12:00 am – BLOOD RIDERS: THE DEVIL RIDES WITH US (dir. Lari Teräs) || World Premiere || 

A blood soaked adventure comedy about four high school grads who decide to find excitement in their lives by stealing a car. When dumping the stolen car in the woods, they find a body of a dead girl in the trunk. Reluctant to call the cops, the friends ask help from Eric who claims to see dead bodies almost on a daily basis. Following a heated argument, Eric gets killed and now the friends have a second body to dispose of.

REASON TO SEEBlood Riders is a night-gone-wrong movie that goes to some dark yet hilariously macabre places and promises, if nothing else, to be one hell of a wild ride.


4:00pm – CRIMINAL (dir. Elliot Dawson-Clark) || World Premiere ||

After his wife is murdered, Innis decides to take the law into his own hands. But as he comes closer to catching the man that killed his wife, Innis discovers the dark side of justice and finds the will to never look back.

REASON TO SEE: Who doesn't love vigilante justice? Criminal is a rare Canadian inclusion into the man-pushed-too-far vigilante genre.

7:00 – DISCOPATH (dir. Renaud Gauthier) || Toronto Premiere ||

The mid-70’s: a timid young New Yorker leads an uneventful life until he is fatefully exposed to the pulsating rhythms of a brand-new genre of music: disco. Unable to control his murderous impulses that stem from a traumatic childhood experience, Duane Lewis transforms into a dangerous serial killer exiled to Montreal.

REASON TO SEE: The film NOT to miss! Discopath is an accomplished celebration of the slasher and exploitation genre with stylish French-Canadian flavour.

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