Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Limited HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN Prints Announced for Hammer Town Comic Con

Gory, gory Transylvania!

Are you a fan of the classic Canadian horror comedy The Hilarious House of Frightenstein? Then you need to get this brand new, limited edition print by horror illustrator Steve McGinnis to celebrate the appearance of show co-producer Mitch Markowitz's appearance at the Hammer Town Comic Con (Oct 5th @ The Hamilton Convention Center)

Get your limited edition print at booth 628.

Created in 1971, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was shot at CHCH Channel 11 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, but its reach went Canada-wide! Syndicated for decades, multiple generations of fans have grown up watching the kooky exploits of The Count, Igor, and the whole crew of weirdos and monsters that occupied Castle Frightenstein. Among them, Mitch Markowitz played the character Super Hippy.


  1. Got number 21 and Mitch Markowitz signed it also.. My new pride and joy!!

    1. Right on! How'd you enjoy the con. Looks like you're a Godzilla fan like me. Hope there's more Godzilla stuff if they do it next year.

  2. Is there anywhere I can get this poster now? billy van was my cousin's husband.