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review by AARON ALLEN

Directed and Written by Giulio De Santi

Starring Monica Muñoz, Valentini Riccardo Valentini, Santiago Ortaez, Wilmar Zimosa, Giulio De Santi
In Taeter City, you are what they eat!

Inspired by 80s/90s sci-fi action films, Taeter City is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which a cannibalistic dictatorship rules with an iron fist. In the futuristic Taeter City, society is crime-free and hunger-free thanks to The Authority, a government that uses experimental radio waves to target murders and serial killers, forcing them to commit suicide before they have a chance to kill others. After wiping out crime, The Authority wipes out hunger by collecting the corpses of these suicidal killers and  turning them into the meat the feeds the masses.

However, the radio waves that turn killers against themselves is having unexpected side effects. The radio waves are now making some criminals into aggressive mutants who are immune to the brain manipulation. Three biker officers -- Razor, Shock, and Wank -- are suited up with high-tech weaponry and dispatched to take down the mutant resistance that threatens to destroy the flesh-eating foundation of Taeter City.

Can I offer you some finger food?
From the makers of Adam ChaplinTaeter City is an action-packed whirlwind tour of a dystopian cannibal dictatorship that's bursting at the scenes with shocking violence, a retro synth sound track, hilarious English dubbing, amazing home-grown digital and practical effects, and good old fashioned European gore. While Taeter City clearly takes its inspiration from mainstream and cult VHS sci-fi of the 80s and 90s, with its rough-around the edges yet impressive indie effects and obvious love for science fiction action cheese, Taeter City has a lot in common with the indie comedy Manborg, which has become a cult favorite on the Canadian horror/comedy circuit. But where Manborg is clearly comedy, Taeter City (while still maintaining a clear sense of its own over-the-top ridiculousness) strives for more action and violence in the sleazy tradition of straight-to-video science fiction exploitation.

Don't fuck with The Authority
It's important to realize that Taeter City is not a conventional movie. It's an indie Italian film, for one, and it's edited as a series of vignettes out of chronological order for another. The budget is also on the small side, but what the filmmakers are able to accomplish with practical effects and CGI should be impressive on any level. Taeter City also sacrifices story and character for gore, gore and - you guessed it - gore! I guess what I'm saying is that Taeter City is not a movie for everyone, but as a gorehound and lover of DIY cinema, Taeter City is a movie for me. So if you're like me, and can appreciate cheesy, disgusting, sleazy, gory, and above all, imaginative and gritty sci-fi B-movies, Taeter City is a movie for you too.

Taeter City's special effects are literally face-melting
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