Sunday, May 5, 2013

Little Nightmares Canadian Horror Shorts Festival

Horror in the Hammer is very proud to be co-presenting the first annual Little Nightmares Canadian Horror Shorts Festival in Hamilton, ON. Handpicking the best in Canadian horror short films, Little Nightmares kicks off its debut on June 1st @ The Staircase Theatre for two hours of homegrown cinematic scares.
DATE: Saturday, June 01, 2013 | TIME: 7:00pm 
ADMISSION: Only $10.00 (cash only at the box office) 
LOCATION: The Staircase Cafe Theatre (27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON L8R 3C9
For advance tickets, contact Darrell Marsh

The Post-Lifers (Dir. Greg Kovacs)

The dead have risen and want your brains! Or do they? This hard-hitting mockumentary chronicles a group of zombies during a world-wide infestation. Tremble with fear and laughter as you are taken along an exclusive journey into the unknown and undead. It's zombies like you've never seen them before...articulate.

Doll Parts (Dir. Karen Lam)

A serial killer's bad day is made worse when he picks up the wrong girl.

The Devil Walks Among You (Dir. Ryan M. Andrews)

Lilith's tale of the macabre is about a diner along a dark stretch of road that receives one final customer of the night...The Devil.

Familiar (Dir. Richard Powell)

Through a series of tragic events, a middle aged man grows to suspect the negative impulses plaguing his mind may not be his own.

Bio-Cop (Dir. Steven Kostanski)

A fake trailer about a mutated cop who cannot die and his struggles to stop the latest designer drug.

Roachfar (Dir. Steven Cerritos)

A surreal animated short film following a peculiar old man's descent into madness.

Red (Dir. Maude Michaud)

Dan has a secret obsession with making snuff films, in which he has sex and kills the women who stop by his house to use his guest bedroom. Everything is bound to change when he meets the sweet Lily, a young drifter who seems to share his passion for cinema. Will she be his next victim?


Hellvetica (Dir. Kalen Artinian)

When a struggling writer is asked to write a short horror story, he comes to the realization that to write well, he must write what he knows.

Fondue (Dir. Torin Langen)

Two Halloween trick-or-treaters go in search of some unexpected and disturbing sweets. Raven Cousens stars in this creepy and atmospheric mini-movie.

Hooked (Dir. Zach Ramelan)

Gore, torture, and violence abound when a man finds himself at the mercy of his beautiful date as her captive.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED the event. Thank you for putting it on. Will there ever be a collection to purchase? There were a few I loved and wanted to share with friends. Please let me know thank you again