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In the tradition of the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, author Charles Gilman is bringing Lovecraft's fascination with the weird younger audience with the fabulously fun, funny, and freaky new series from Quirk Books: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School.

If you thought the seventh grade was scary, you obviously haven't enrolled at Lovecraft Middle School. When seventh-grader Robert Arthur is forced to start at a new school without any friends, the thinks running into his old school bully is going to be about as bad as it gets. Little does he know that within the walls of Lovecraft Middle School hides a terrible, ancient secret. Ghosts, tentacled monsters, and spine-tingling horrors from another dimension stalk the halls in the form of teachers and classmates. Together with some unlikely allies including a two-headed pet rat, Robert must overcome his fear and stop whoever or whatever is behind the lurking horror at Lovecraft Middle School. Forget a failing grade. If Robert fails -- it could mean the end of the world!

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1

Some teachers really are monsters!

After Robert Arthur is rezoned and forced to attend seventh grade at the brand new, state-of-the-art Lovecraft Middle School in Dunwich, his life takes a turn for the weird! After making friends with a two-headed rat and stumbling into a secret part of the library inhabited by a ghost, Robert discovers that the new teacher Professor Goyle is actually a horrible monster. A series of crazy events lead Robert to an alternate dimension where monsters are amassing to invade our reality. Will he get back in time? Who can he turn to for help?

Adult fans of H.P Lovecraft will love the little references to Lovecraft's work -- names like Dunwich, Tillinghast, and even the author's own pseudonym "Charles Gilman" -- but middle school readers will also find Professor Gargoyle the start of an action-packed, monster-filled, and exciting fantasy/horror adventure that puts me in mind of modern series like Harry Potter as well as classic series from my childhood such as My Teacher is an Alien.

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2

The student president election could decide the fate of the world.

After surviving the events of the first book, Robert has become unlikely friends with the school bully, Glenn Torkells, and Karina the school ghost. Unfortunately, when twin students Sarah and Sylvia Price return to school after their tragic disappearance, they're not certainly themselves. Hiding inside their skins are horrible monsters from an alternate dimension, and they're going to challenge Robert to his scariest challenge yet: the Student President Election!

Jumping right into the action, The Slither Sisters introduces even more Lovecraftian elements into the world of Lovecraft Middle School including Cthulhu (but not in the way you'd expect). Although still appropriate for middle school readers, The Slither Sisters ups the gross-out factor with scenes of a little young adult grue. Slimy, slithery, and scary thrills await you in the second novel of the Tales from Lovecraft Middle School series.

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Professor Gargoyle and The Slither Sisters are out now. Jump on now to prepare for the release of TEACHER'S PEST: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #3 in May!

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