Sunday, January 27, 2013

FONDUE (Review)

FONDUE (2013)
[Short Film]

review by AARON ALLEN

Written and Directed by Torin Langen

Starring Raven Cousens, Youp Zondag, Emma McDonald, Rebecca McAulay, Mickey Conde

Mark my words. Young Ontario-based director Torin Langen is on his way to bigger things

Coming off his most recent short film Trash, writer/director/editor Torin Langen makes a big leap in his burgeoning film-making career with Fondue, a creeping and slow-burning Halloween-themed short.

Fondue is a film about atmosphere, so its plot is hauntingly minimalistic. Two young people (the striking Raven Cousens and the mysterious Youp Zondag) buy cheap Halloween masks and embark on a strange and transgressive trip to procure some disturbing Halloween treats. But what they find, and the mounting realization of what's been going on beneath the surface, stick with you after you've long finished watching.

Filmed in a muted colour palette with sharp, intrusive details, Fondue takes on a strange, unsettling quality that evokes a hyper-realistic dream with nightmares on the periphery. In the style of Fondue, store-bought Halloween masks -- that in normal light look horribly cheesy -- become peculiar, emotive elements of a dark story told without dialogue. While Fondue doesn't necessarily end with an immediate payoff, the disturbing nature of what has just been seen becomes all too clear. I like that. It gets into your head and festers there.

Following Fondue's world premiere in Hamilton at Fright Night Theatre, keep a lookout for Fondue on the festival circuit and a future home-video release. And check out Candle Flame Films for more work by Torin Langen. Keep this kid in your view, horror fans. It won't be too long before he explodes.

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