Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photos from Fright Night Theatre presents A CADAVER CHRISTMAS

On December 16th, Horror in the Hammer brought some holiday Ho-Ho-Ho-Horror to Hamilton with its screening of the zombie comedy A Cadaver Christmas at The Staircase Cafe Theatre.

A Cadaver Christmas -- director Joe Zerull's loving homage to the grindhouse days of indie cinema (now available on DVD and VOD from Level 33 Entertainment) -- proved the perfect set piece for an early evening of fear and Christmas festivities. With stockings full of freebies from our sponsors at Burdin's Comics, Bayshore Hobbies, Crash Landing, and Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, Horror in the Hammer made sure Christmas came early to every lucky boil and ghoul who joined us! 

The Host, Jay Winger, begins his holiday makeover at the hands of HITH director Aaron Allen
As horror fans gathered outside the main theatre for drinks and to buy their tickets for our raffle contest, Horror in the Hammer volunteers were as busy as Santa's elves setting up for the show. Unfortunately, The Host -- Jay Winger -- hadn't been seen since last month's screening of Snow Shark. Few people realize that, in order to transform into The Host and put on Fright Night Theatre, Jay must call upon the evil powers of his Shiny Pants. Last month, he forgot to revoke that power, and we feared that the evil of his pants had driven him to wanton acts of murder. Thankfully, Jay managed to stumble in before the show began. In order to suppress the dark power of the pants, Horror in the Hammer director Aaron Allen decided to subject Jay to a holiday wardrobe makeover. Nothing says "Christmas" like a knitted sweater adorned with Scottish Terriers and - yes - shoulder pads.

Makeover Complete. Shiny Pants powered-down.
With the power of the Shiny Pants in check, it was time to begin yet another fantastic Fright Night Theatre presentation.

A big thanks is due to director Joe Zerull and everyone at Level 33 entertainment as well as everyone who came out for A Cadaver Christmas. Check out all the fun you missed in this photo gallery from December's show (photos by Kenny Pereira of Shout Studio).


Horror fans assemble at The Staircase Cafe Theatre

Aaron draws the winner for our first prize pack
Tina working her box office magic.
Fright Night attendees, just slightly more traumatized than when they came in
Two Fright Night patrons with impeccable horror trivia knowledge.
Did they survive? That's for the courts to decide.
Aaron and Jay draw for our Christmas gift packs

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