Thursday, September 27, 2012

Horror in the Hammer at Open Streets Hamilton

On Sunday, September 23rd, Horror in the Hammer braved the cold wind and the maze of pylons erected around the Robocop shoot on James Street North to attend OPEN STREETS HAMILTON and bring an early taste of Halloween to Hamilton.

Whoooooo! Spooky stuff here.
Camped out on the sidewalk at James Street North & Colbourne, with the Robocop remake set behind us, we braced against the wind to sell cheesy horror dvds and spread the word about the upcoming 2012 Hamilton Zombie Walk. We didn't sell many Halloween treats -- I hope Hamilton's not getting too health-concious on us -- but the brisk weather probably had a hand in encouraging people to seek soup and coffee than candy and chocolate.

All in all, Open Streets Hamilton was a fun event and we got to meet some memorable characters, past zombie walkers, and introduce the event to a new crop of fresh meat.

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