Monday, May 7, 2012

Screamwave #43: AVENGERS and ROGUE

A croc gets ahold of you and it can't swallow you in one go, he will surely tear you into pieces.

Superheroes! Demons! Killer Crocodiles! Porn Stars! Just another week for Screamwave!

In this episode of Screamwave, Aaron brings in his girlfriend Tina to fill in for No Klass Kris, who couldn't be here this episode. First, Aaron and Tina have a marvel-lous (spoiler-free) conversation about Joss Whedon's THE AVENGERS before tackling some horror headlines from the past week. Later in the episode, Aaron goes solo to review ROGUE, the 2007 Australian movie about a 25 foot killer crocodile.

Also this episode, Aaron interviews Geretta Geretta and Bobby Rhodes, stars of Lamberto Bava's DEMONS (1985). Aaron also gets to talk to the punk princess of porn herself, Joanna Angel! Finally, No Klass Kris and Monster Matt Patterson get together to talk some shit about HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS (2011).

It's a full episode, to be sure, that Aaron wraps up with listener feedback

NEXT WEEK: A mini-episode to announce the movie and listener question for the next full episode. Also, tune in for interviews with Sal Lizard (actor, producer, comedian, and professional Santa) as well as an interview with up-and-coming filmmakers Torin Langen and Zach Ramelan.

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