Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Screamwave #42.5: Mini-Episode and TRASH PALACE interview

 Screamwave #42.5 is live!

Welcome to another Mini-Episode of Screamwave! In this mini-episode we give you a preview of next week's full episode, but more than that, we also interview Stacey Case of THE TRASH PALACE, a screening space for obscure and forgotten 16mm films!

But can you expect for episode #43 on May 7th?

- A review of ROGUE (2007), the giant man-eating crocodile film starring Avatar's Sam Worthington.

- Interview with Geretta Geretta and Bobby Rhodes of Demons
- Interview with Joanna Angel, the punk princess of porn.
- Interview with Sal Lizard: actor, producer, comedian, professional Santa.

- Interview with Torin Langen of Candle Flame Films and Zach Ramelan of REC Films.


Besides the water, what would be the worst place to encounter a man-eating crocodile or alligator?
Have your answer appear on the show. 

Email, tweet, or call us before May 4th. We want to hear from you! 

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