Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Screamwave Podcast Relaunches with Mini-Episode


The band is back together and better than ever.

Co-host Aaron Allen has rejoined No Klass Kris and the rest of the Screamwave team to relaunch the Horror in the Hammer podcast as a broader, better, more genuine genre podcast about sci-fi, cult films, exploitation movies, and - of course - horror!

Brand new, full episodes of Screamwave will air every second week of the month. Between full episodes, you can download mini-episodes that will preview our topics and movies-for-discussion so you have time to prepare and participate in the show by calling in to our voicemail line or sending us an email.

In episode #41 (coming April 9th, 2012), we will be discussing Tom Six's gruesome twosome of gross-out body horror films: THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE and THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2. We will also be re-airing our Q and A with the cast and crew of THE COLLAPSED, which is coming out on DVD in June from Anchor Bay.

LISTENER QUESTION: If you were to create a real-life Human Centipede by stitching three celebrities ass-to-mouth, who would you choose? And who would be the front, middle, and end segment?

Have your answer appear on the show. Email or call us before April 5th. We want to hear from you!


CALL: 206-376-0579

EMAIL: screamwavepodcast@gmail.com

TWITTER: @Screamwave

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