Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Message from the Host of Fright Night

This Friday Fright Night presents ...And Then I Helped and Day Zero. 8pm at the Indie Theater of the Staircase Theatre. A message from the host of Fright Night Jay Winger and his first meeting with the folks of MagGot Films.

I first met the crew from MagGot Films at Shock Stock last year in London Ontario.
It all started innocently just sitting down on an uncomfortable chair for the viewing of ….And then I helped. The film was a treat for me, since I’m not a big fan of the Big Budget Horror which time and time again continues to disappoint me.
When the Film was done I was blown away by all the deep meanings of the movie, which I will not get into so I do not spoil it for you. Things that will say about this movie is, it was of the Bizarre and the relation of people were deadly and the Cinematography was awesome in my eyes.

After the film I met up with Jesus MagGot and was blessed by this holy mascot of the film company and chatted it up a little with the director Micheal Maggot about the film and the deeper content of the film that I feel the average Joe won’t understand, but don’t let that deter you from watching this awesome Indie flick, just pay attention and after the movie we’ll get into the depth of it at the showing of Fright Night theatres presentation of …And then I helped with a short showing of Day Zero with a QnA with members of MagGot films.

This month also represents Women in Horror recognition month, The lead Lady of ….And then I helped is the Gorgeous Nikki McIntyre who has told me that this film holds a special place in her heart. Nikki is also well educated in film and special FX and did I mention she is gorgeous? Well yes I did and since this month is also dedicated to deadly love! You need to come out and see what’s so deadly about her characters love in the film.

At the presentation of ..And then I helped, I’m pretty sure we will all be blessed by his presence Jesus James MagGot and the Holy Maggot.

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