Tuesday, January 17, 2012

February Fright Night Spotlight: Day Zero

February 3, Fright Night will continue it's annual Valentines tradition of Deadly Love: your Valentines or Anti-Valentines night...depends on how you want to look at it.

February is Women in Horror Recognition Month: "Women in Horror Recognition Month (WiHM) aims to empower people all year long & all over the world to utilize and share their creativity with the intention of giving recognition to women working in all facets of the horror industry." HitH has chosen to show recognition to this event by shining a light toward the local zombie walks...anyone notice a trend? Hamilton, St Catharines, Toronto, Barrie Zombie Walks are all run by females! And pretty amazing ones at that. Honourable mentions go to Austrailia, France, Florida, Pirrsburgh and more. It is undeniable that women everywhere are running this most awesome annual event.

So! In honour of all those amazing women we play the short film Day Zero by Romario Shanchez. The story revolves around Jeff, who has a pretty good life. Great girl, cool car, nice home until one fateful trip to a petrol station everything can change. Especially when the dead have risen. Romario Shorts comes come South Africa teamed with Ant Productions & ITF Films. You can check out more of their work here: http://www.sanchez.co.za/what-we-do/

For all Women in Horror we play a zombie short film that sure to be a fun filled flick with a great girl and a super car.

February 3 at the Indie Theater of the Staircase Theater, 25 Dundurn St N. Hamilton, ON. Show time is 8 pm and after 4 years we're still only $5!

We are always accepting submissions for feature, short and webisodes to show for Fright Night. Categories include but are not limited to Horror, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Gore and more.

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